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2018 SSDT Confirmed Entries

ssdt logoBelow is the list of riders who have confirmed and paid for their entry for the 2018 Scottish Six Days Trial. This list will be updated on a weekly basis, every Sunday.

If you made payment by 17th February and do not appear below then please contact the Secretary. NOTE: To avoid your entry being reallocated to a rider on the reserve list, all entries MUST be paid by 21st February 2018.

NOTE - At the time of writing there are only THREE DAYS left to make payment. If you have been advised of a successful entry and have not yet made payment, please either do so immediately or advise the Secretary if you do not wish to ride so your entry can be reallocated.

Confirmed Entries As Of 17th February 2018

John Adamson   Kevin Dignan   Chris Northover
Allan Adamson   Jack Dignan   Bill O Toole
Tom Affleck   Stephen Dixon   Hiroaki Onishi
Scott Aitkin   Paul Dixon   Ramon Palau Forte
Cabanes Albert   Chris Douglas   Patrick Palmer
Marcel Albos   Sean Doyle   Julien Panabieres
Philip Alderson   Corey Dubik   Patrice Pastou
Scott Alexander   Calum Easson   Paul Paterson
Louise Alford   Enrique Escofet Giro   Dougie Paton
Chris Alford   Guy Favre   Victoria Payne
Robbie Allan   Travis Fox   Dan Peace
Jorge Alonso   James Fry   Gary Pears
Michael Anderson   George Gage   Steve Peat
Andrew Anderson   Richard Gaskell   Richard Penfold
Gareth Andrews   Joan Gaspar   Angelo Pensini
Jack Austin   Dougie Gibson   Jan Peters
Mark Austin   Oscar Giro Via   Dieter Pletinckx
Joe Baker   Mark Grant   James Postlethwaite
Chris Bayles   Louis Grey   Jose Maria Prat
Lewis Bell   Dominique Guillaume   Jack Price
Liston Bell   Jonathan Hagan   John Robb
Jon Berlin   Neil Hawker   Iwan Roberts
Hendrik Binder   Dan Hemingway   Carl Robson
Marvin Binder   Ben Hemingway   Richard Sadler
Nigel Birkett   David Hollands   Sam Sanderson
Stuart Blythe   Scott Horne   John Sandison
Alberto Bordoy   Thomas Housecroft   Kolja Schmitt
Jess Bown   Joseph Hutchinson   Jordi Serra Busoms
Matt Bown   Robert James   Jack Sheppard
Joe Bradley   Manel Jane   Chris Shorey
Ingo Breitfeld   Barry Kinley   Santi Soler Estrenjer
Emma Bristow   Juan Knight   Joe Spivey
Paolo Broganelli   Felipe Koberg   George Spivey
Andrew Brown   Jan Koelewijn   Alexander Stampfli
Andre Buchwalder   Daniel Lamont   Jamie Stephenson
Sancho Bufill Sagnier   Dougie Lampkin   Roger Summers
Lewis Byron   Stephen Larkin   Katy Sunter
Sam Cahill   Alexander Lennox   Mark Sunter
Gavin Cairns   Keith Leslie   Jiri Svoboda
Roger Callaghan   Alan Lindsay   Gareth Talbot
Kate Callaghan   Gary Macdonald   Craig Talbot
Scott Cameron   Gary Maclennan   James Teare
Mark Cameron   Neil Macniven   Gav Thornton
Sandy Cameron   Ricky Mair   Richard Timperley
Carlos Casas   James Mccanna   Lee Tinney
Pere Casas   Lee Mcgee   Scott Turpin
Jeremy Ceciliano   Terence Mckee   Jordane Vandekasteele
John Charlton   Michael Mcniven   Marc Viladomiu
Renato Chiaberto   Alan Mercer   Luke Walker
Andrew Chilton   Alessandro Merlo   Andrew Walters
Bobby Clark   Robert Metcalfe   Colin Ward
Shaun Clennell   Kyle Middleton   Travis Ward
Danny Cockshott   Richard Midgley   Paul Wareing
Michael Collins   Alastair Millar   Boyd Webster
Daniel Comas Cabane   Steven Moffat   Robbie Weir
Sam Connor   Chris Moir   Thomas Weir
Giorgio Corrieri   Jordi Monras   Kevin White
Harold Crawford   George Moore   Philip Wiffen
Stuart Crayk   Steven Mount   Trevor Willans
John Crinson   Calum Murphy   Adam Witting
Chris Croisdale   Martin Murphy   Matt Woodhouse
Tom Culliford   Tyler Murphy   Sam Yeadon
James Dabill   Gordon Murray   Joe Yeardsley
Joe Dawson   Ross Murray    
Peter Day   Ramon Navarro Lage    

Our Thanks To...

There are many organisations, companies, bodies and individuals without whose valuable assistance and co-operation the Scottish Six Days Trial could not take place. Our sincere gratitude goes to all of them. Read more...

What Is The SSDT?

The Scottish Six Days Trial is a motorcycle trial with a difference!  It has the added test of reliability over long distances with riders completing up to 100 miles daily over a combination of rough moorland, rocky tracks and public roads. Find out more...