2019 Scottish Six Days Trial Entries

ssdt logo in story 150w 120hFollowing a bumper entry of 541 hopefuls for the 2019 Scottish Six Days Trial, those successful in the ballot have been informed and payments for their entries have now started coming in. There are always changes between the initial entry list and the final one as riders drop out and their entries are taken by those on the reserve list so, in a repeat of last year, we will update this list on a weekly basis, every Sunday, with those who have made payment and confirmed their entry. All entries must be paid by Wednesday 20th February.

With just ONE day to go, there are still a lot of riders who have not made payment. If payment is not received by Wednesday 20th February your ride will be re-allocated.

Confirmed Entries As Of Tuesday 19th February

Aaron Hain   Jon Berlin
Adam Juffs   Jonathon Hughes
Alastair Millar   Jonny Brown
Alessandro Merlo   Jordi Mestre
Alexander Stampfli   Josep Maria Prat
Aleyn Taggart   Josh Wright
Alfons Soler Ferran   Juan Knight
Ali Morrison   Julien Panabieres
Allan Adamson   Katy Sunter
Ally Morrice   Kevin Gundry
Andre Buchwalder   Kevin Morphett
Andrew Anderson   Lambert Meyer
Andrew Blackman   Lee Mcgee
Andrew Lishman   Leo Salvadori
Andrew Rose   Lewis Bell
Andrew Sagar   Lewis Macdonald
Andrew Smith   Liston Bell
Andrew Walters   Lopez-Pasca Cesar
Andy Chilton   Louise Alford
Andy Perry   Luke Walker
Aran Drachenberg   Marc Casablanca Zambrano
Axel Jane Pascual   Marc Viladomiu Canals
Barry Watson   Marco Marranci
Ben Hemingway   Mark Cameron
Benjamin Allison-Hughes Mark Cottingham
Benoit Dagnicourt   Mark Sunter
Bob Adams   Markus Pfitzmaier
Boyd Webster   Martin Hawyes
Calum Easson   Matthew Alpe
Calum Macdonald   Michael Anderson
Calum Murphy   Miguel Angel Bermejo Fraile
Carlos Casas   Murray Mackay
Chloe Richardson   Neil Bowker
Chris Howman   Neil Dawson
Chris Pearson   Neil Macniven
Christian Valeri   Nick Royle
Clarke Hutchison   Nigel Birkett
Colin Close   Nigel Scott
Connor Hogan   Norbert Fernandez Monteis
Craig Houston   Oliver Lace
Craig Keyworth   Oliver Smith
Craig Middleton   Patrice Pastou
Craig Talbot   Patrick Jukes
Dan Hemingway   Patrick Palmer
Dan Peace   Paul Dixon
Daniel Lambert   Paul Jones
Daniel Lamont   Paul Nicholson
Daniel Santos   Paul Paterson Jnr
Danny Sutherland   Paul Paterson Snr
David Carter   Paul Plunkett
David Vass   Pere Casas Cros
Declan Bullock   Philip Alderson
Dougie Fox   Philip Scott
Dougie Lampkin   Philip Wiffen
Duncan Hutchison   Richard Berthou
Duncan Wood   Richard Fraser
Duncan Wright   Richard Timperley
Emma Bristow   Richard Wells
Euan Campbell   Robbie Weir
Felipe Koberg   Robert James
Fernando Castaneda   Robert Metcalfe
Francesc Moret   Roman Kyrnyckyj
Fred Adams   Ronnie Day
Gareth Andrews   Rosa Torres Ferraz
Gareth Palmer   Ross Danby
Gareth Talbot   Ross Murray
Gary Maclennan   Roy Palmer
Gary Samson   Ruaridh Mills
Gavin Cairns   Sam Cahill
Gavin Johnston   Sam Connor
George Gage   Sam Haslam
Gilles Burgat   Sandy George
Gordon Murray   Scott Aitkin
Graeme Wilson   Scott Alexander
Graham Tales   Scott Cameron
Grant Reid   Scott Turpin
Gus Oblein   Sean Doyle
Guy Favre   Sean Radcliff
Guy Kendrew   Shaun Knox
Hannah Styles   Shaun Martin
Howard Gulley   Sheldon Seal
Hugh Barker   Stefan Behr
Ian Payne   Stephen Dixon
Ignasi Nogue   Stephen Larkin
Iwan Roberts   Steven Moffat
Jack Austin   Stuart Blythe
Jack Peace   Stuart Crayk
Jack Price   Terence Mckee
Jack Stiles   Theresa Baeuml
Jake Gowan   Thomas Knight
James Dabill   Thomas Moss
James Fry   Thomas Sagar
James Postlethwaite   Thomas Weir
James Snowden   Tobias Baptist
Jamie Black   Tom Adams
Jane Daniels   Tom Affleck
Jean Luc Nictou   Tom Green
Jess Bown   Tony Martin
Joe Dawson   Tony Wild
Joel Gowan   Trevor Willans
Joel Sadler   Victoria Payne
John Battensby   Wayne Jones
John Charlton   Will Mcbain
John Mitchell   Yannick Rigolot
John Sunter    

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